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Regulatory Changes Pertaining to Telepsychiatry During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Posted by Regroup on Mar 20, 2020 5:06:54 PM

Content last updated on June 30, 2020

In a world changing faster than we ever thought possible, the regulations surrounding telepsychiatry are evolving at lightning speed. The demand for telehealth service has exploded in recent weeks and it is imperative to know the rules and regulations as organizations rapidly adapt to this form of care. Below is a brief highlight of the most relevant policies impacting the telepsychiatry industry today. We will continue to update this post in the coming weeks as the situation evolves.

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Leveraging Telepsychiatry to Meet Patient Needs During COVID-19

Posted by Regroup on Mar 19, 2020 1:53:37 PM

The spread of the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, is upending daily life around the globe. On March 11, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared coronavirus to be a pandemic. To date, there have been over 220,000 cases worldwide, with more than 9,000 deaths reported. There are now widespread mandatory closings and travel restrictions, and many major events have been cancelled or postponed. 

In response, healthcare organizations are seeking ways to provide safe, uninterrupted care to patients while meeting new behavioral needs brought on by psychological trauma. The stresses of quarantine and anxiety about the illness can lead to serious mental health concerns, creating ripple effects that will be felt for months to come. 

By providing care virtually through telepsychiatry, organizations can respond rapidly to patients’ mental health needs and free up in-house clinicians and resources to address escalating medical needs in the wake of the outbreak. Recent legislative updates are paving the way for increased use of telepsychiatry to meet these needs as the coronavirus spreads. Here’s how your organization can effectively prepare.

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David Cohn Recognized By the National Peace Corps' 40 Under 40

Posted by InSight + Regroup on Mar 13, 2020 2:40:50 PM

Chicago, IL – David Cohn, Founder and CEO of Regroup Telehealth, was recently named one of the National Peace Corps Association’s 40 Under 40.

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InSight + Regroup Webinar with the American Telemedicine Association

Posted by InSight + Regroup on Mar 12, 2020 2:31:00 PM

[On-Demand Webinar] Telebehavioral Health Across the Continuum of Care

Join the American Telemedicine Association and Geoffrey Boyce, CEO and Dr. Hossam Mahmoud, Medical Director of InSight + Regroup, as they share the latest perspectives on telebehavioral healthcare and the elements of providing these needed services across the continuum care in today’s modern and evolving landscape.

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White Paper | Telepsychiatry 101

Posted by InSight + Regroup on Mar 2, 2020 1:24:00 PM

Telepsychiatry 101 White Paper

Telepsychiatry is a proven medium for increasing psychiatric capacity at single facilities and across entire systems, and has been found to be as effective as in-person care. Through telepsychiatry, organizations can access psychiatric coverage without the recruiting, logistical and financial burdens that the onsite provision of those services would require.

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InSight + Regroup Named One of Chicago's Top Tech Companies

Posted by Chicago Bootcamps on Feb 29, 2020 9:46:00 AM

InSight + Regroup is honored to be named as one of the top tech companies in Chicago.  Regroup Telehealth was founded in 2011 and recently merged with InSight Telepsychiatry to become the largest telepsychiatry service provider in the United States and the only organization delivering behavioral health services across the continuum of care. 

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Case Study | Whiteside County Health Department and Community Health Clinic

Posted by Regroup on Feb 2, 2020 11:59:00 AM

Federally Qualified Health Center Delivers Quality Behavioral Healthcare with Integrated Telepsychiatry

Established in 2006, the Whiteside County Community Health Clinic (WCCHC) in Rock Falls, Illinois, was created to answer a long-standing need for medical, dental and behavioral healthcare among county residents.

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White Paper | Virtually Healthy: 2020 Telepsychiatry Trends

Posted by Regroup on Jan 16, 2020 9:29:26 AM


Telepsychiatry’s ability to provide behavioral health services across a multitude of care settings has been a game-changer in addressing the critical shortage of psychiatrists and other clinicians in the U.S while delivering quality care efficiently and effectively.

What can we expect in 2020 and beyond? To find out, we asked more than 500 healthcare professionals across 48 states about their current and future telepsychiatry plans, revealing how many are leveraging telehealth solutions to meet both patient and organizational needs. 

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Regroup and InSight Telepsychiatry Merge to Improve Delivery of Behavioral Health Services

Posted by Regroup on Dec 10, 2019 8:03:45 AM

PHILADELPHIA, PA / CHICAGO, IL, Dec. 10, 2019 - InSight Telepsychiatry and Regroup Telehealth have completed a merger agreement to become the largest and most comprehensive telepsychiatry service provider in the U.S.

The merger between InSight and Regroup brings together a robust network of providers and an impressive group of clinical and executive leaders with extensive experience and expertise across different care settings and patient populations for underserved individuals and communities. This joint effort will allow for increased delivery of mental health services across the country in response to a nationwide shortage of specialists coupled with a rising need for behavioral health services.

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Reducing the Treatment Gap for LGBT Mental Health Needs

Posted by Dr. Hossam Mahmoud on Dec 7, 2019 12:02:00 PM

Dr. Hossam Mahmoud, along with Emile Whaibeh and Emily L Voght, have published their newest peer-reviewed article in The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research: Reducing the Treatment Gap for LGBT Mental Health Needs: the Potential of Telepsychiatry

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